"Sometimes great moments can appear as sudden as they might disappear. With my photography I can keep them alive."

Florian Geiss ability to capture with loose great moments and interaction between people also in very complex settings has made him a hugely sought after photographer and director.

His emotional and energetic photography - executed on a high level - inspires the look of campaigns for advertising agencies and brand imagery of clients all over the world.

Seeing Florian’s images you feel deeply involved in the genuine feel of his shots.
His extraodinary experience for connecting people in front of his cameras and his skill to capture the shots when all comes together in a perfect moment: emotion, action, light and style – creates powerful images in an cinematic vibe.

As there is a huge amount of action in Florian's work, it has been a natural progression for him to shoot film too, often alongside his still work. As being photographer, director and DOP simultaneoulsy he creates a very close link between the styles of his still and moving images.

After studying photography and film Florian moved to Hamburg, where he is based with his studio.

Together with his team he produces photo and film shoots which make him travel far and wide.

His impressive client list is a true evidence for his outstanding skills.

Over the years Florian has been recipient of numerous international awards and accolades and he is a member of the Art Director´s Club, BFF and AOP.


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