means to shoot both on set: 
photos and film ! 
For sure either or is also possible and I love to do that as well.
But if you want to go the most efficient way of your time and budget - it is so much better to capture both on one set than only either or.
I can CONNECT and SYNC all of the above and make it one
- at the same time - in the same set up.
My filmic style of photography & my yearlong experienced technical skills make it able to me to change instantly between photo & film camera in the moment of action without loosing any time - no matter where we are.
No bigger budget is needed to shoot still and film as the shoot does not need to be extended or different crews are needed.
It’s me who operates as director, photographer and DOP.
Check it out on my webpage & browse through „photo“ and „film“ as you’ll see lots of campaigns for different brands which I shot in my SYNCED way.

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